Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Paying and Non-Paying

Speaking of debts to society, I owe you all some sonnets, yes.  And you'll get them, soon.  I've been ill, and "busy." 
I hate to break silence with this particular thing, especially given my reluctance to turn this into a political poster pole...but it's like one of those unscratchable itches, or one of those laughs you try to keep in your puffed out cheeks until they hurt from stretching...
I wondered last week--when a certain candidate "speculated" (I love that word) on certain terrible events in Libya--how long it would be before his campaign appearances became just him, standing up there at podiums, making explosion sounds and using his hands to 'fly' around like jets.  A week?  I wondered.  Two?
I think that I am close to getting my answer.
Can we just vote now and get this over with?


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