Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Six Months

A cliche it certainly is when I say that time passes quickly yet I cannot really remember what life was like before Theodore arrived. But look at this face:

The Last Toothless Grin

When all we do all day long is smile and laugh, sometimes the originality of language suffers. He has a tooth now, so until he's 94, putting his dental work into the glass on the nightstand, this will be the last anyone sees of a mouth empty of teeth.

We celebrated the day with a picnic at Fort McHenry--sitting on the blanket, telling jokes to each other, playing catch...

Fort McHenry, Baltimore

Fort McHenry, Baltimore

And then there's this little bit of nonsense:

The Future


Anonymous Lori said...

1. Theodore has more hair now than Molly did at a year.
2. You guys tell jokes too? Molly and David also enjoy the jokes. Is this a dad thing?
3. Great pictures. Thank you.

11:02 PM  

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