Friday, February 03, 2006

Theodore Jasper

My long absences from this documentary usually spring from the time I spend writing lesson plans, making "process charts", grading papers--all that. Being locked in a 25x35-foot room for 8 hours a day with nine year-olds is not conducive to blogorrhea. Is there a cute techneologism for internet constipation?

Anyway--the picture above is of the little project my wife and I have been working on since Sunday. My wife has been working for a little longer than that. Heretofore I have avoided three subjects on these pages: politics, kittens (except for that one--reminds me: anyone want a kitten? We still have two of them...), and babies. This little man is so damn fascinating, though, that I might start posting nothing but baby pictures, fifty times a day. What would you rather look at, pictures of decayed industrial structures, pictures of sheep in tracksuits, or pictures of a baby?