Monday, August 27, 2012

Apology #4

To M.L.: I was very drunk.  Probably the second-most drunk I have ever been.  At some point later in the evening I conducted myself in a manner that I will have to address in another apology, to a group of people.  But this one is for you.  I promised to meet you back by the water fountain "in five minutes" for a dance.  I had something to do that I cannot remember now, and then would come back and dance with you.  I was so drunk that I forgot.  Is it forgetting, when one is drunk?  At any rate, I did not ever go back and meet you.  And I missed out on a dance with you.  I behaved like a boor and an ass.  It has bothered me ever since, and will continue to bother me.  I am sorry I did that.



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