Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fell's Point (a lost-and found from two years ago...)

Long ago here, in this space, I began writing about the neighborhood we lived in at the time. As with most things I begin, that subject--Locust Point--remains un-fully-examined. I am not going to write today about Locust Point. Today's Point is Fell's. From it one can see Locust, across the Northwest Branch of the Patapsco River. We visited it today, and stopped here:End of the Bond Street Wharf

For a little bit we sat here, watching the tug "Jupiter" from Philadelphia (built 1902) pull up, discharge two passengers, then pull away into the river. The harbor was awash in tugs today, and from all corners their whistles thick, ancient, wooly sounded. As we walked back up the wharf, the loud, clear whistle of the Domino Sugars factory began singing. A ship was unloading there, but it seemed that the whistle was a bit of play. It ruled the harbor, a blue jay on the highest branch.

Fell's Point is something like a Baltimore Georgetown. Which is to say it is nothing like Georgetown. Tourists go there, yes, and it has bars and a Ten Thousand Villages store, and some sketchy guys in the park, and yes, some of the bars cater to the backwards-hat-wearing fraternity Midlantic Man set (ask me about that demographic sometime), but it is still a pleasant place to spend a few hours, night or day.


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