Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bus Monologue (Internal): Tyeshia

Route: 15 local Eastbound
4:40 pm

Devonte think he all important.  Obama pin.  The way he stand there not talkin to nobody.  He like that girl Serena but she don't know English but he try anyway--I guess he talkin to Eric now, but still.  Serena nice I guess but Devonte acting like she some princess or something just cause she from Mexico or wherever.  I mean I hope Obama win too but I don't need to wear stuff. 

It's so hot on this bus. 

We used to be friends.  Even that year I was in the popular group I was friends with him.  What happened?  Was it when mommy passed?  We stopped--we wasn't friends as much after. 

Serena.  She pretty.  Devonte don't know Spanish, though.



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