Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blood and Gore on C-SPAN Radio

I am uncomfortable calling it entertainment, because "entertainment" is almost perjorative. But not necessarily. Aeschylus is entertaining, as is/was Lenny Bruce.
I am uncomfortable being entertained by public evisceration, even when all the players concerned are wearing suits, but comeuppance is satisfying to most people below those possessing sight of the eternal.

The disparity:
Senator after Senator using words like incompetent, ashamed, deceived, credibility, astonished, appalling, and others, in addition to monosyllabic grunts of paralyzed surprise.

The Attorney General answering these withering questions with statements about how these issues are problems to be solved by hard work and dedication and attention to details--as if his job were simply a matter of tracking down various paperwork, and as if these Senators had not just keelhauled him, slowly, pausing at each barnacle to scrape a little extra skin off.


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