Wednesday, November 19, 2008

South Baltimore Haircut

I went to Joe yesterday (702 E. Fort Avenue, Regular Haircuts Only-No Appointments, 410-837-0469), because it has been too long since my last haircut: Beth has been threatening to cut off my "rat tail" for a couple of weeks, and because Joe charges 8 bucks. Sometimes (like yesterday), he cuts the front a little uneven, but so what. I think he does it because he thinks I am going to use Brylcreem to hold my part in place.
Every time I go, no matter where our talk begins, he ends up telling this story (if you know the white Baltimore accent, hear it strong in the words):

Lemme tell you somethin about how things is different now. I moved outta the neighborhood four years ago, so this was, what, five years ago? when we had a big snow, 20 inches. There were these young people, couple-a guys, on my street, they nehhhvvverrrr shoveled the walks. My daughter's lookin out the window and she yells to me "Hey, get the movie camera! Yer not gonna bleeve this!" And those kids, come out the house with snow shovels! Did they shovel the sidewalks? No. And this was a Monday...We watched them walk--then we followed them, cause we, y'know, wondered, all the way down to Mother's [a bar on Charles Street--p], where they shoveled the sidewalk in front of Mother's, so they could be sure and watch Monday Night Football in the bar! Can you bleeve it? It jus goes to show how things have changed.

Every time, my haircut comes with this story. Now knowing it, and having read, seen, heard enough things like this, you know a lot about what is going on in South Baltimore.



Anonymous Beth said...

Haricut looks good, Gammon.

10:04 AM  
Blogger Portipont said...

Well, thank you very much. I'll tell Joe. And, how 'bout these new glasses?

10:42 AM  

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